Who am I?

Shane Jeffery


D.O.B. 27th January 1976

Current Job Role.

SEO - Educational Designer (acting) - Innovation & Technology Enhanced Learning unit. SWSI (2010-)

Substantive Job Role.

Full Time Teacher - Carpentry and Joinery / Building. SWSI. Miller College (2005 -2009)

Other Job Roles.

Apprentice Carpenter
Self employed sub-contract Carpenter
Site Foreman / Project Manager - Centennial Constructions P/L
Part time teacher, Carpentry and Joinery - Campbelltown College
Building and Construction Faculty project officer
Building and Construction faculty eLearning Mentor
Manager New Learning Technologies - iTEL (acting)

I am passionate about the South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE and its leadership in the e-learning field.

I love working in the e-learning environment and have seen the advantages (vast) and disadvantages (minimal) that enhanced learning tools, technologies and methodologies can offer teachers and students, in both classroom and flexible delivery environments.

The implications of the TAFE NSW Strategic Directions 2009 - 2011 document has placed a focus on, for example, increasing the diversity of delivery modes and the number of enrolments across those delivery modes, as well as the innovative use of teaching and learning technology. It also mentions the number of e-learning programs by faculty as a key performance indicator. I know I have the skills and abilities to help the ITBLU team achieve these outcomes, in-conjunction with teaching staff for SWSI.

I believe that the use of e-Learning tools and technologies must be incorporated into all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment practices. My belief is based on what I have seen in my own teaching practices and through my involvement in my current SEO role. The use of e-learning tools and technologies makes it enjoyable and cost effective for today's “I want it NOW!!” type students.

I look forward to working with the the iTEL unit in the future.

Kind regards

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