Demonstrated educational & technical expertise in the development and maintenance of e-learning products, platforms, tools & ...

The educational landscape is in a state of constant and rapid change. Teachers need to be able to use a number of eLearning products, platforms, tools and environments to remain relevant and able to engage their students in a VET environment that is continually being pressured by declining budgets, as well as Government and Industry agendas.
Educational Designers must have the educational and technical expertise in the development and maintenance of eLearning products, platforms, tools and environments. This means they are able to lead, guide and mentor staff effectively, to help achieve the Learning Innovation and Product Development (KFA 5) strategic direction (2009-2011), so that the Institute remains at the forefront of VET delivery and assessment.

I believe that I meet the selection criteria for the following reasons:

Educational expertise.
  • Designed, developed and implemented Workforce Capability and Development’s Moodle version of the 'Keep them Safe' DET child protection training for Institute staff. (2010)
  • Conceived, planned, implemented, delivered and managed all aspect of the Building and Construction Faculty’s first blended online project called 'TRADeLEARNING' Certificate 1 in General construction (wiki/cd version and Moodle version) to address a new Office of Fair Trading Licence. view site (2007-2009).
    • Version 1 of the course used a wiki for instruction, Adobe Connect for tutorial sessions, instead of a traditional face to face classroom environment, and CD based resources for the students home-based activities. These were sourced from LORN, the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, and TALE as well as resources created by myself.
    • Version 2 used Moodle as the learning Management System which contained all the resources, assessments, activities and the students grade book. Adobe Connect continued to be used for the tutorial sessions.
  • Pioneered and implemented the use of Moodle quizzes as a replacement for traditional paper based exams at Carpentry & Joinery - Miller TAFE College. (2009)
  • Designed and developed an online resource for CPCCBC4024A: Resolve business disputes in-conjunction with CLI and Building & Construction Faculty for use in classrooms and flexible environments.
Technical expertise.
  • Currently working in the Innovation and Technology Enhanced Learning Unit (iTEL) as an Educational Designer (acting) working on the development and maintenance of eLearning products, platforms and tools as well as the implimentation of SWSI and DET's Virtual Learning Environments.
  • Institute administrator, mentor and problem solver for Moodle, Wikispaces, Equella, Adobe Connect, the Adobe Suite of products and Telstra SMS. (2010)
  • Mentoring, advising, coaching and assisting three faculties with their 2010 eLearning projects and their use of eLearning products, platforms, tools and environments.
  • Developed, implemented and maintained an online assessment validation form for the Construction Assessment Validation Network , using InfoPath and SharePoint, which is currently being used across the state. view
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