Excellent skills in project planning, management and ability to achieve results

Excellent skills in project planning, project management and the ability to achieve results is a ‘must have’ for an Educational Designer in iTEL. iTEL’s core business is to lead and support faculty eLearning projects. These projects need to be well planned and managed, so that the anticipated outcomes of the projects are achieved.

I believe that I meet the selection criteria due to the following:

I have been a Project Manager for a number of projects in 2010. These include:

  • Laptop/netbook wireless trial
  • Conversations@SWSI
  • Embedding virtual conferencing
  • Automotive, Aeroskills, Transport and Logistics Faculty / iTEL project
  • Building and Construction Faculty / iTEL project
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Environmental Sciences Faculty / iTEL project.
Project Planning

The projects that I managed whilst working at iTEL in 2010 followed a process and a set of guidelines. Each project had its own SharePoint site created which was designed to assist the planning process. The site included a Gantt chart and templates for a project brief and project plan. The requirement was that the project brief and plan was complete before work on the project was started. This ensured all the project members had a clear understanding of the project and it's desired outcomes, eg.

  • One of the project plans needed to be highly modified just before it was about to begin, due to limited personnel and resources. The need to modify the plan slowed down the overall process, which resulted in an achievable outcome that all involved could work toward.
Project Management

The management of the projects required me to:

  • Remain in regular contact with the project members.
  • Keep the Gantt charts up to date so everyone knew where we were up to in the life of the project.
  • Complete the project status report at regular intervals to make sure that the projects were on target to achieving their anticipated outcomes,
  • Make sure I the had regular face to face meetings with project members, to ensure that I knew exactly what stage the project was up, to instead of relying on what was written in an email. I would then need to adjust the project's timeline and if necessary, its anticipated outcomes.
Ability to Achieve Results

The anticipated results of these projects were achieved by:

  • Setting up a sensible and achievable plan from the outset.
  • Saking sure that the right people were involved in the project, for example, people who had a vested interest in and/or a vision for the project and who were dedicated to seeing the project finished.
  • Some of the projects were simplified and, where necessary, project members changed so that the projects remained on track to achieve the desired results.

At the end of the project, I needed to report on the effectiveness of the project and any recommendations for improvement.

Prior to TAFE

Prior to working in TAFE, I was a Site Foreman for a Building Company in South West Sydney.
This role included:-

  • Managing multiple building projects, both separately and concurrently. The projects were worth up to $3 million.
  • Being responsible for the scheduling and management of on-site personnel, ranging from 2 to 50 people at one time.
  • Scheduling and ordering of materials, invoicing and payments.
  • Ensuring the on-time completion of the projects.
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