Excellent team skills including facilitation, negotiation and problem solving, communication, advisory and interpersonal skills

The need for an Educational Designer to have excellent team skills, is essential so that they are able to communicate, mentor, support, encourage and when required, resolve conflicts for a wide range of Institute staff to foster a cooperative and supportive working environment.

I believe that I meet the selection criteria due to the following examples:

  • Substantive role is as a full time teacher of Carpentry and Joinery at Miller College 2005 - 2009.
  • Facilitated multiple staff development sessions for Workforce Development and Capability 2008 - 2009.
  • Facilitated eLearning workshops for new teachers(2010).
  • Negotiated with construction and Department of Commerce personnel during the construction of iTEL’s new offices (2010).
  • Negotiated with ICT - Desktops, Library and Section staff regarding the location, software build, usage guidelines and surveys during the SWSI Student Laptop/Netbook Trial (2010).
Problem Solving
  • Problem solve for all levels of staff in regards to eLearning tools such as Moodle, Wiki and SharePoint.
  • Problem solve technical issues and assist external facilitators and SWSI staff with the setup and use of iTEL's technology (computers, projectors and Smart Responce, etc) , Video and Audio equipment, and meeting rooms (Smart Boards, Video Conferencing etc.) (2010).
  • Communicated via email, phone and in person with numerous staff members from three faculties during their 2010 eLearning projects, so that the project's results were assured.
  • Currently liaising with and advising the Automotive, Aeroskills, Transport and Logistics Faculty in preparation for their 2011 faculty big day out event. This has included communicating with faculty staff during the creation of student (moodle) and staff (SharePoint) eLearning surveys, as well as setting out the day’s program to achieve their desired results.
  • Communicate with all levels of Institute staff during my tenure as Educational Designer in iTEL (2010).
  • Offered advice to three faculties in regards to the best way of achieving the desired outcomes during their 2010 eLearning projects.
  • Created a number of iLearn courses for topics such as Assessing with Moodle, Creating Audio Resources and Participate in eLearning, which offer advice and guidance so that staff can learn to use the tools effectively in their teaching and learning activities.
  • Mentoring, advising and assisting three faculties with their 2010 eLearning projects.
  • Active and highly motivated member of the e-Learning Mentor team at South Western Sydney Insitute of TAFE. (2008 - 2009) view mentor page & 2009 Journal.
Interpersonal Skills
  • Currently working as an integral part of the Innovation and Technology Enhanced Learning unit team.
  • Built strong relationships with faculty and unit management teams during 2010 whilst working in iTEL.
  • Part of three Bright Ideas projects across three faculty areas, in which I provided advice, instruction and assistance to achieve the project goals. (2009). Hairdressing, Employment Preparation and Participate in e-Learning.
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