Strong liaison, networking and relationship building skills and ability to support change initiatives

An Educational Designer needs to have strong liaison, networking and relationship building skills, so that they are able to work effectively and efficiently with a wide range of Institute staff, in order to drive and support change initiatives.

I believe that I meet the selection criteria due to the following:

Liaison skills
  • Currently working and liaising with the Building and Construction Faculty, the Aeroskills, Automotive, Transport Logistics Faculty and the Engineering, Manufacturing & Environmental Sciences Faculty, to implement projects and strategies to change the current teaching and learning practices of their staff.
  • Currently liaising with and advising the Automotive, Aeroskills, Transport and Logistics Faculty, in preparation for their 2011 faculty big day out event. This has included communicating with faculty staff during the creation of student (moodle) and staff (SharePoint) eLearning surveys, as well as setting out the day’s program to achieve their desired results.
  • Part of three Bright Ideas projects across three faculty areas where I liaised with staff to provide advice, instruction and assistance to achieve the project goals. (2009). Hairdressing,Employment Preparation and Participate in e-Learning
Networking skills
  • Participated in the Learning Innovation and Product Development Governance group, whilst acting as 'Manager New Learning Technologies'. This gave me the opportunity to meet and network with different Institute staff members and discuss issues such as the DET VLE – SALM project and the DET Adobe Connect Interim Solution and the use of social networking in DET. This gave me a greater understanding of the changes impacting on SWSI's business.
  • Attended the TAFE NSW Quality Awards, hosted by Western Institute at Bathurst (2010), which gave me a great opportunity to network, ask questions and find out about the great projects and ideas that are happening in other TAFE NSW Institutes.
Relationship building skills

I have built many successful, and ongoing relationships over the last year:

Change Initiatives
  • Assisted the Automotive, Aeroskills, Transport and Logistics Faculty to implement a new and simpler way of accessing a key set of video resources called CDX. This made them more readily available and accessible to all faculty staff and students. Previous to this change, the resources were only used by a small number of staff members. The trial of this system at the Campbelltown Light Automotive section has seen eighty new students registered on Moodle with direct access to CDX. This will increase in 2011 when the old version of CDX stops and all Automotive students will access CDX direct through a Moodle site.
  • Active member and site administrator of CAVN (Construction Assessment Validation Network) Repository (2007-2009) CAVN which has seen Building and Construction teachers from around the state come together for the validation and sharing of assessment tools and activities.

I also created a Microsoft Office InfoPath form that automates and collates the assessment validation activities within the CAVN site. This made the change from paper-based assessment validation to digital assessment validation, simpler for all users.

  • I was part of SWSI’s original Moodle User Group and pioneered the use of Moodle in the Building and Construction Faculty, with the creation of the Faculty’s first ever online/blended course for existing workers (2008-2009). The effectiveness of this course and my work as the eLearning mentor, saw the number of Moodle courses in the faculty rise from 0 to 50 in two years.
Outside of TAFE

A member of the leadership team of Campbelltown Church of Christ, which is currently planning and implementing changes, for the future direction of the Church.

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