Knowledge and understanding of current and emerging teaching and learning methodologies

An educational designer needs to have knowledge and understanding of current and emerging teaching and learning methodologies. This is necessary, so that they can assist and lead Institute staff in the development and use of eLearning tools, resources and courses. These need to utilise a variety of teaching methodologies to foster lifelong learning and cater for the range of learning needs and requirements that are present within most teaching and learning environments.

Methodologies include, but are not limited to:

Behaviourism Cognitivism Constructivism Connectivism
Collaborative Learning Cooperative Learning Discovery-Based Learning Engaged Learning
Problem-Based Learning Multimedia learning Instructional theory Multimedia learning theory

The use of eLearning tools and resources and the increased use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook for teaching and learning, complement existing methodologies to engage and enhance the learning experience of students.

I believe that I meet the selection criteria based on the following examples:

  • Recent BA VET (CSU) Graduate (2008) with four years experience teaching in face-to-face and online environments at SWSI to a wide rage of student cohorts, with different needs and requirments.
  • Assisted in the development of the Approaches to Learning topic of the Participate in eLearning iLearn course. I also created the resources, activities and session plan for the Adobe Connect online component of the course.
  • I have extensive knowledge and technical expertise in the use of all eLearning tools and resources that SWSI supports. This allows me to mentor and assist Institute staff to develop resources, activities and courses, using different teaching and learning methodologies, to engage a wide variety of students with different learning styles, needs and requirements.
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