Capacity to implement the Department’s Aboriginal education and training policies and to ensure quality outcomes...

The goal of the Department's Aboriginal Education and Training Policy (AETP) is, "that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will match or better the outcomes of the broader student population". It also affirms the "inherent right of Aboriginal students to fair, equitable, culturally inclusive and significant educational opportunities, so that all students obtain a high quality education as a platform for enriching their life chances and achieving their full potential" #1.

I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in a number of ways to develop and use e-learning tools to help achieve the above goals.

  • I have assisted teaching staff and students in their use of technology, to enable students to create portfolio documentation that assists them in moving on into the workforce. This included using office applications and the use of Bluetooth, to allow students to transfer images of their work from their phones, into their portfolio's documentation. View course brochure
  • I have had a number of students of Aboriginal heritage in my classes, over the years. I have found that, due to the flexibility that delivery using e-tools allows (such as Moodle and the Australian Flexible Framework learning objects) (example), I have been able to achieve the outcomes of the policy for those students.

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